Webcraft Worldwide Initiative

A Personal Mission To Significantly Transform Income & Employment Opportunities globally

For years I’ve tried to get help with a web-based project.

The thing is, with the right team and a little backing, it would take no time to put this all together.

Its impact, both socially and economically, would be immediately felt.

However, I’ve continually come up against obstacle after obstacles along the way.

One of the biggest obstacles is a thing called ‘traction’.

Traction is the evidence that a business ‘idea’ is increasingly attracting customers, users, etc, at a desirable rate to potential investors.

Due to the minimal structure of most startups web-based ‘ideas’, they can have a working model up and running in short time, and therefore demonstrate traction. An investor’s dream. Then, over time, the startup can add additional features and functionality to improve their product or service.

However, due to its original design, and its multi-faceted structure, my web-based ‘idea’ cannot be built piecemeal, like most startups. Instead, all of it’s multiple components, the elements that will drive this dynamic web-based project, must all be in place before it can be launched. 

And so I find myself in a painful ‘catch twenty-two’ situation.

Think about.

On hand, I cannot get investment to build the project because I don’t have a working model showing traction. On the other hand, if I had a working model showing traction I wouldn’t need investment to build the project. 

J.K. Rowling was famously ‘overlooked’ by 12 publishers before her ‘Harry Potter’ project was taken seriously. I have no idea what it was that the 13th publisher saw that the previous dozen didn’t, but we all know how things turned out in the end.

My hope is that, once the right person reads this, they’ll see the awesome potential I describe and take immediate steps to help me make this a reality.

So I created this page to explain in detail the main purpose of the Webcraft Worldwide Initiative and how it will transform not only our schoolchildren’s adult futures but also the global economy, and humankind’s evolution.

A bold statement, I agree. Nevertheless, the truth. And over the next few minutes, I’m going to explain the reasons why.

The Initiative – to significantly transform income and employment opportunities through digital skills enlightenment.

I am developing an original ‘digital skills’ training, resources & community ‘portal’ website to help disadvantaged, underrepresented or academically challenged youth around the world.

The initiative is designed to help in three ways.

A ground-breaking education program – instils confidence, maturity, entrepreneurism and ‘specialized’ knowledge, enabling the learner’s journey to becoming an ‘expert’ that much faster.

A custom curriculum of ‘creative’ life-skills teachings – Other than basic life skills, such as cooking a meal, cleaning their room or knowing how to care for themselves, offensively and defensively, financial intelligence is the primary basic skill every learner will acquire from our specialized training.

>  A web-based community & digital resources ‘portal’ site – provides the learner with access to fellow members, tools, training, and awareness of previously unknown career pathways.

Problems This Project Will Solve

Once launched, these are just some of the problems this web-based project will immediately tackle and have an impact upon.

By design, the ‘initiative’ aims to accomplish multiple social and business objectives implementing a number of individual ‘sub’ projects, simultaneously.

Together these ‘sub’ projects are designed to…

  • …significantly transform the income and employment opportunities of disadvantaged, under-represented or academically challenged youth around the world.
  • …introduce educators and ‘digital skills’ advocates to alternative career pathways, a vast audience of ‘digital skills’ seekers, and an entirely new topic to learn and teach their students.
  • …empower post-pandemic individuals recently ‘let go’ from location-dependent jobs.
  • …significantly lower the number of aimless young men becoming gang affiliates.
  • …provide the first and only, dedicated online community for digital web practitioners.
  • …collaborate with content creators, social media influencers, product vendors, educators, youth empowerment project managers and digital skills advocates.
  • …provide widespread exposure of an ‘original IP’ concept for critical mass uptake.
  • And much more.

Why Did I Devised This Project


Before I tell you exactly how the project is designed to accomplish all of its social and economic goals, I want to paint a picture for you.

 My mission is to provide disadvantaged, underrepresented or academically challenged youth who have low academic attainment and therefore low employment expectations, with an entirely new range of income & employment opportunities.

 I aim to introduce these young minds to an entirely new set of highly-sought after ‘digital skills‘ that are simple to acquire and will increase their value to the global job space.

 To make this happen, I’ve designed an alternative digital skills training program, I call ‘Webcraft for Beginners’.

 Before I describe ‘Webcraft for Beginners’ in detail, let’s look at why this project was inevitable. 


Digital Skills

 What are digital skills?

 When the term ‘digital skills’ comes up in conversation among educators, youth empowerment advocates and government youth training initiatives, as well as basic competencies, it’s usually associated with the following…

 …Coding, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

 There is, however, an industry where digitally-skilled individuals are urgently sought.

 Remarkably, this industry is somehow overlooked by all ‘digital skills’ initiatives.

 This industry has been driving and supporting businesses since the advent of the Worldwide Web.

 This industry is the ‘Web Presence Development’ industry.


Web Presence Development

 Business owners understand the importance of getting in front of their target audience.

 In today’s global ‘digital’ marketplace, their target audience (and competitors) are found mostly online.

 Business owners have no choice but to develop a strong web presence to get their message heard.

 How Did Business Owners Communicate Their Presence To Potential Customers Before The Worldwide Web?

 Before the Internet, business would make potential customers aware of their products and services by using one or more of the following pre-web communication methods…

  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Yellow Pages
  • Postal Service
  • Leaflets
  • Billboards

These pre-web communications methods were pretty straightforward to use and required no specialist skills.

The main thing to know about these methods is…








Then along came the Worldwide Web, and EVERYTHING changed.

 Online Service Platforms


The Web has now transformed the business owner’s ability to reach much larger audiences at little or zero cost.

 Numerous online service platforms are now available to help businesses get in front of their target audience more effectively and on a global scale.

 Let’s take a look at a number of these online service platforms and what they’re used for.

 To Find

 Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube & Craigslist.

 To Connect

 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram & Skype.

 To Share

 Reddit, Blogger & YouTube.

 To Sell

 Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Gumtree, Shopify & App Stores.

 To Buy

 Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Gumtree & App Stores.

 Payment Gateways

 PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay & Samsung Pay.

 To Create

 Office 365, WordPress, SquareSpace, GoDaddy & Hostgator.

 To Consume

 Netflix, AmazonPrime video, NowTV, YouTube, Kindle & iTunes.

 To Learn

 Udemy, Khan Academy, SkillShare & YouTube.

 To Email

 Gmail, YahooMail & MicroSoft Outlook.

 Digital Skill Services

 Fiverr, Up, Freelancer, Guru & People Per Hour. 

 And many more.

 Information Overload

When seeking the most relevant web presence development information, non-web-savvy business owners must scour numerous web sites.

 With access to so much data and, without context, they invariably suffer from what is known as ‘information overload’.

 Business owners have enough on their plate running their own enterprise.

 They have little or no time to learn all this new web presence development stuff.

 So, they invariably ‘buy in’ the digital expertise they need, to help them fully take advantage of these, and other online service platforms.


Knowledge & Skills Gap

 Unfortunately, a vast knowledge gap exists between what’s currently taught as ‘digital skills’ and what businesses in today’s mostly mobile digital marketplace/job space actually need.

 This knowledge/skills gap continues to widen as more and more businesses ‘get online’ and while schools continually overlook the importance of these essential digital skills.

 The Webcraft for Beginners training intiative will…

 …alleviate the ‘information overload’ suffered by all ‘web-newbie’ business owners.

 …will close the ‘knowledge & digital skills’ gap.

 …students will become experts in one or more of the many valuable ‘digital skillsets’ urgently sought by new-to-the-web business owners.


During a Gold Rush, Sell Shovels

 During the Californian Gold Rush of 1849, the men and women who prospered greatly were actually merchants.

 They ignored the ‘hard pursuit’ of gold in favour of supplying tools, provisions and accommodation to the thousands of prospectors ‘infected’ with ‘gold fever’.

 Webcraft for Beginners teaches its students to view the Worldwide Web from an entirely different perspective.

 Students of Webcraft for Beginners ‘see’ the Worldwide Web as ‘gold rush territory’, similar to the territory of California during the 1849 Gold Rush.

 Students of Webcraft for Beginners ‘see’ business owners as prospectors seeking their ‘fortune’ in ‘WWW Territory’.

 Students of Webcraft for Beginners ‘see’ themselves as merchants providing much-needed supplies to prospectors.

 So, how big is WWW Territory? How many prospectors?


 Worldwide Web – 21st Century Gold Rush

 New .com and .net domain name registrations alone totalled approximately 9.6 million at the end of the second quarter of 2018.

 That’s Over 106,000 new businesses coming online every day, in urgent need of appropriate digital skills to help research, design, build, launch and maintain a robust, profitable web presence – indefinitely.

  Unfortunately, schools overlook this ‘gold rush’.

 Universities overlook this ‘gold rush’.

 Digital skills initiatives overlook this ‘gold rush’.

Webcraft for Beginners is the only educational initiative that makes students aware of this ‘gold rush’ and provides them with valuable insights into the necessary online objectives of a web-newbie business owner.


A Business Owner’s Online Objectives

 A business owner must achieve a number of necessary web-driven objectives in order to successfully promote a brand, a product or a service, online.

Let’s take a look at these objectives.

A online business owner needs to…

Locate a problem – Find groups of people seeking a solution to a specific problem.

 Provide a solution – Source or create a product that solves that specific problem.

 Create an offer – Set up an information web page describing the solution.

 Inform the market to generate a flow of visitors – Tell these groups where to visit the information web page.

 Empathize with each visitor – Express understanding of their pain and fully describe the solution.

 Ask visitor to accept offer of a solution – Make the ‘solution’ irresistible to pass up and easy to pay for.

 Strengthen and lengthen the relationship – Maintain customer engagement. Offer further associated solutions.

 Measure the effectiveness of online activities – Understand and master ‘web presence’ metrics.

 Develop a webcrafter’s mindset – Amass ‘webcrafting’ skills. Entrepreneurship. Empathy. Enterprise. 


 What is Webcraft?

You’ll have noticed I’ve mentioned the term ‘webcraft’ a number of times, and wondered what it means.

Before I tell you what ‘webcraft’ is about, I want to talk about other crafts.

Woodcraft. Stonecraft. Metalcraft. These ‘traditional’ crafts have been responsible for driving trade and the global economy since the beginning of recorded time.

Since the advent of the Internet, a new arena of activity has emerged called the Worldwide Web.

To operate successfully within this vast arena, an entire new set of skills are required. I call these skills, Webcraft.

So What is Webcraft All About?

 Think of it like this.

Nothing happens online by chance.

Every single click, swipe or tap is a web-based virtual stepping-stone.

Each ‘step’ strategically placed and specifically crafted to bring a potential customer ever nearer to the ultimate goal… …a sale!

Webcraft is the practice of all activity associated with the creation and deployment of these virtual stepping stones.

Webcraft for Beginners teaches its students how to create these virtual stepping stones, become experts in the global marketplace and help businesses increase their ROI.

10 Irrefutable Disciplines of Webcraft

When I began researching this topic, I found there was a great deal of information on this topic. However, this information is varied and widespread.

I wanted to make life easier for other people looking to learn more about this dynamic topic.

So I did extensive research, took all I discovered and filtered it down in ten main areas of activity that are easy to recall.


Webcraft for Beginners compiles all activity associated with web presence development and filters them into ten definitive areas.

I created the ten-letter acronym S.P.E.C.I.A.L.I.T.Y. to help students contextualize and easily recall these ten main areas of activity.

Each initial letter represents one of the ten main topics.

Below is a list of these ten main areas of activity (disciplines) in web presence development and what they entail.

SETUP – Establish a Strategic Web Presence
PROMOTE – Get in Front of the Right Crowd
ENGAGE – Share an Emotional Bond with Your Visitor
CONVERT – Provide Multiple Reasons for Visitor to Buy Immediately
INCREASE – Encourage Customer to Buy Regularly
AUTOMATE – Place 90% of Repetitive Tasks on Autopilot
LEVERAGE – Access the Resources, Effort, Skill & Time of Others
INTELLIGENCE – Acquire Specialized Knowledge from Credible Sources
TIMESCAPE – Understand and Master the Metrics of Your Web Presence
YOU – Develop a Webcrafter Mindset