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Income and Employment Opportunities

Young learners can become ‘expert webcrafters’ (digital web service providers) and significantly transform their income and employment opportunities.

First, by identifying the various ‘digital’ activities business owners must accomplish to successfully promote their brand, products or services online.

Second, by choosing one of those ‘digital’ activities to specialize in.

Third, by focusing on becoming very good at that specific digital activity.

Fourth, by building a business around their newly-acquired digital skills ‘as-a-service’, and…

Fifth, by charging a fee to ‘handle’ those activities, business owners have neither the time nor inclination to do themselves.

Below is an overview of the ten definitive areas of ‘web presence development’ activity. Each of these ten main areas contain a number of opportunities for a skilled ‘webcrafter’ to provide a service.

To help make things clearer and simple to recall, I created a ten letter acronym, SPECIALITY. Each letter represents the initial letter of one of the ten essential areas of activity. 


Activity associated with establishing a robust foundation to support a strategic web presence.

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Activity associated with drawing attention to a business’s web presence.

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Activity associated with welcoming, thanking and engaging with web presence visitors.

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Activity associated with increasing overall percentage of sales.

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Activity associated with increasing the value of each customer.

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Activity associated with marketing online using software resources.

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Activity associated with marketing online using human resources.

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Activity associated with research and specialised knowledge resources.

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Activity associated with monitoring metrics and improving ROI.

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Activity associated with self-realisation and personal growth development.

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